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POV Cameras Make Great Gifts for Christmas 2012

Still looking for the perfect Christmas gift idea for the action sports enthusiast in your life? If you’re shopping for someone who enjoys adventure sports, photography, filmmaking, or just spending time in the great outdoors with friends and family, then a POV camera would make a great gift. No matter if your recipient has ever made a video or not, today’s POV cameras make it easy to capture and share great memories.

According to Amazon.com, the top ten bestselling POV cameras for Christmas 2012 are:

  1. GoPro HD HERO2: Outdoor Edition
  2. GoPro Camera HD HERO3: Silver Edition
  3. Veho VCC-003-MUVI-BLK MUVI Micro digital camcorder for Action Sports/Surveillance (Includes 2Gb Memory)
  4. ContourROAM Hands-free HD Camcorder
  5. Midland XTC100VP2 640 x 480 Standard Definition Extreme Action Camera with 4 types of Mounts Included (Black)
  6. Contour ROAM2 Waterproof Video Camera (Green)
  7. Contour ROAM Waterproof HD 1080P Hands-free HD Camcorder Watersport Kit
  8. GoPro HD HERO2: Motorsports Edition
  9. GoPro HD HERO3: White Edition
  10. GoPro HD HERO3: Black Edition

See the rest of the bestselling POV cameras here.

It’s not too late to order!  Check out Amazon.com Holiday Ordering Cutoffs.

Not sure which POV camera is best? Be sure to check out our POV Camera Comparison where we compare all the top POV cameras.

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What Can You Do With A POV Camera?

From extreme sports to reality game shows to vacation videos, POV cameras can be used to capture video in almost any situation.  While there are many reputable POV camera manufactures (check out the best selling POV camera brands), only Contour has created an online community that encourages Contour camera users to document and share their adventures while connecting with other action sports fanatics.

Check out the latest from the Contour Community.

Shining Examples

Big news this week! We are officially launching our next contest on Contour.com: the Summer Shred Showdown! It’s March Radness, but for mountain bikes! The USA is challenging the world in this head-to-head bracket, not because we’re egocentric, but because half of our customers are US-based and the other half are international, so it all works out! The premise is simple: submit a video of yourself doing your very best mountain biking by July 18th! We’ll update you between now and then on how to advance further into the contest. The eventual winner will get hooked up with prizes from Transition bikes, Gravity, Dakine, Bear Back Biking, Contour AND get to spend time on the set of Anthill Films’ new movie, Strength in Numbers! Start shooting now!

If only this guy didn’t work for Contour…

We’re always trying to promote videos that are a complete package. Opening titles, music, and cool footage go a really long way in making a video watchable. Some of our friends in Norway put together a really great video of highlights from a local adventure TV show. How do they use their Contours? Let me count the ways!

It’s basically a highlight reel, and it’s pretty dang cool.

You may be wondering why this email is titled, “Shining Examples.” I wanted to show three videos that are all pretty different that showcase what a well put together video looks like. We’ve mentioned before that watching an edited piece is nice because it helps tie everything together. Explore free editing software out there like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie to learn how to add music and titles to your clips. It’s amazing how much more entertaining they can be when you show off only the good stuff and none of the slow stuff. Speaking of the good stuff, how about we wrap up with some AH-mazing footage from Alaska?

Shred, Forrest, Shred!

I’ve seen a lot of people asking about Contour+ and various accessories on our Facebook page over the last week. Just a reminder, the Contour+ is available now, as is the waterproof case for the GPS camera. You can find your closest retailer by clicking here! The waterproof case for the + will be out very soon. Oh, what’s that? The Android app? Yes, yes, it’s coming. I know I’ve been saying that For-Ev-Er (name that movie for a gold star!), but I promise you that it really is coming soon! We’re just working out a few last minute tweaks to make sure it’s shipshape for you!

That’s all for this week. Get out there and capture some cool footage!

What are you waiting for? Join the Contour Community today and share your story!

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POV Cameras – What You Need to Know

GoPro HD Motorsports HERO helmetHave you ever wanted to capture the world through your own eyes? If this sounds impossible, think again. Point of view cameras have already revolutionized how we view the world and share what we see with our families and friends. Point of view cameras, also called wearable cameras or helmet cameras, are cameras that can be strapped on your shoulders, helmet or vehicles so you can record the action as it happens.

Point of view cameras first gained popularity in extreme sports where adrenalin junkies used them to film their adventures on air, land or water. From bungee jumping to sky diving to surfing to motocross racing, these wearable cameras are able to take still shots or record continuous footage where they can later be downloaded in the computer or attached with a cable and viewed on high-definition television. There are also software programs that enable individuals to edit any live footage taken for more professional looking videos. This is especially helpful for sports athletes looking for sponsorship.

These point of view cameras are compact and lightweight and are easily operated with a touch of a button. This one-touch button function allows you to change views, background and contrast even while you’re in the middle of an action to get that perfect shot. Most of them are durable enough to withstand sudden impact or falls, thanks largely to polycarbonate housing that is clipped over the camera to protect it. Literally built to withstand battering, you don’t have to worry if they get dropped or smashed. If you would like to capture the action on or under water, more advanced models are water proof up to a certain depth. Now, kayakers, canoeists and surfers can mount these cameras on their sports gear so they can film all the action as it happens.

Video quality is largely dependent on how expensive your camera is. The less expensive SD or standard definition cameras give grainy quality pictures and are only suitable for private or personal. If you want clear videos of actions with lots of running and other movement, HD or high definition cameras are more suitable choices. No matter what the resolution used is, however, the actual length of a video footage that can be recorded is dependent on the memory card inserted on it. It is possible to record hour long or more footages.

GoPro HD HEROHelmet cameras used to be prohibitively expensive. Only big networks or Hollywood outfits making movies could afford these. Now, however, these helmet cameras can be bought for as low as $100. For $600, you can get a high quality high definition camera that you can use for most active sports.

Originally applied to extreme sports, point of view cameras have since evolved into being an especially helpful tool in medicine, law enforcement and research. Exploratory surgeries with the help of point of view cameras allow surgeons to view what the possible solutions are without really fully opening the patient up. Police and the military use these to record tactical strategy during training and to document the events during operations. Finally, those in the field of science and research find these cameras as helpful tools in recording terrain and the various flora and fauna found in their fields of study.

Before you go, don’t forget to check out the GoPro as well as this GoPro HD Helmet HERO review.

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