POV Camera

What is a POV Camera?

ContourHD gogglesA POV camera is a video camera that is attached to your body, equipment, or vehicle that allows you to capture events on video from your point-of-view (POV) while keeping your hands free. Many POV cameras can be directly mounted to goggles, helmets, bikes, skis, surfboards, motorcycles, cars, airplanes, boats, etc. With a POV camera, unique hands-free POV video is possible in almost any situation.

POV cameras, also know as wearable video cameras, have become very popular among action sports enthusiasts allowing them to record video of their performance from their unique point of view. This unique view-point allows them to study and learn from their performance as well as create amazing videos that can be shared on popular online video sites.

Filmmakers, TV production companies, and professional news organization have begun to incorporate HD POV camera footage into their stories to give the viewer a firsthand experience that was never before possible on a smaller budget.

POV cameras can also be worn to document the actions of the wearer and those around them as a way to help protect against potential lawsuits or complaints, improve efficiency of documentation, and increase accuracy and accountability. Law enforcement and private security firms have embraced wearable video technology to assist in incident reporting and for later use in court.

No matter your reason for wanting to record video from your point of view, there is a wearable video camera designed to suit your needs. Visit our POV Camera Comparison page to find the POV camera that is right for you.

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